Little Notes for Little Dotes

‘Little Notes for Little Dotes’ provides a relaxed and fun morning of music for little ones. - Glas Quartet performs a range of music for children to enjoy. You and your Little Dotes can be comfortable in this relaxed setting all while absorbing the wonderful sounds of classical music from the Flute, Violin, Viola and Cello. - The concerts are a fun and engaging introduction to classical music. - Age range: The concerts are aimed at pre-school (age 0-3) - We encourage everyone to sing along and dance. Noise is our friend. - Duration: Concerts are 40 minutes long. What the research says: Classical music can soothe young children and may stimulate brain development. There are proven benefits for children who listen to and engage with music, including improvements in math, reading, and motor skills. Studies have shown that classical music brings down heart and breathing rates and soothes stress. Listening to music has several proven benefits for children’s mental development, including: • Stimulating the brain and forming new connections between neurons • Supporting speech and language development • Promoting math and reading skills • Improving motor skills • Music doesn’t need to be Mozart, or even classical, to be enriching and Glas Quartet embrace many genres in their performance in a classical style. • Being an active participant in making music is even better. Sing nursery rhymes and songs with movements, like ‘the wheels on the bus’ or ‘incy wincy spider’ and Glas Quartet encourage all to join in with nursery rhymes like the children have never heard before. 'Little Notes for Little Dotes' is a specially crafted musical experience designed to engage and inspire children. We have carefully curated a program featuring an array of melodies that will enchant young ears and ignite their imagination. From timeless classics to delightful adaptations of familiar tunes, the quartet's performance promises to be a memorable event for all attendees”.

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